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Below is an ever expanding collection of Paulsson Papers & Presentations available, which can be viewed or downloaded at the links below.


Allan Lee, PE, Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E), Chris Barclay, PG&E, David Xu, PG&E, Bjorn Paulsson, Paulsson Inc, Mike Wylie, Paulsson Inc, and Ruiqing He, Paulsson Inc. 

This document was prepared for publication through American Society for Mechanical Engineers (ASME) and is intended for a gas industry reading audience. 

2022.09.26.Paulsson.PG&E.All Optical Multi-Sensor Well Monitoring System for UGS.Final_Cov

In 2021 Paulsson, Inc. (Paulsson) partnered with Pacific Gas & Electric (PG&E) and California Energy Commission (CEC) to research, develop, manufacture, deploy, and operate a robust, cost-effective, and all-optical Underground Gas Storage (UGS) reservoir surveying and monitoring system. Enhanced Distributed Acoustic Sensor (EDAS) and Distributed Temperature Sensor (DTS) data have been recorded, processed, and analyzed for more than 6 months. 

2022.06.28.Paulsson.PGE.Stanford.SEG.Workshop.Abstract.Final_Coverpage Screenshot.png

Adapted from oral presentation at Session: Seismic Reservoir Characterization, at AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition, Houston, Texas, USA, April 10-13, 2011

As part of a significant seismic technology effort, the BP Wamsutter Seismic Integration team conducted two extensive field trials during

2006 and 2007- a surface seismic field trial and a borehole seismic field trial.

2011.06.20 - Seismic Technologies for Unconventional Reservoir Characterization Wamsutter

Although 3D seismic imaging, based on surface sources and

receivers, has been the primary tool used for geophysical

reservoir monitoring to date, vertical seismic profiling (VSP)

has characteristics that make this technique particularly suitable

for time-lapse surveying.

Screen Shot of Cover Page of 2004.11.22.TLE.CO2 monitoring Article.png

Björn Paulsson, Martin Karrenbach, Paul Milligan, Alex Goertz, and Alan Hardin of Paulsson Geophysical Services, with John O’Brien and Don McGuire of Anadarko Petroleum Corporation explain why recording multi-component seismic data using receivers positioned deep in the earth, and closer to the target zone, can overcome many of the limitations experienced by surface 3D seismic methods.

Screen Shot of Cover Page of 2004.10.01.TFB.EAGE paper by PGSI Paper.png

Two crosswell seismic surveys were conducted at Chevron

Canada’s Oil Sand Lease 49 (Steepbank) located about 60 km

northeast of Fort McMurray, Alberta. This is the site of the

HASDrive commercial pilot project in which steam is circulated

through a horizontal well in order to preheat the tar sand

prior to conventional steam injection. The objective of the

crosswell survey was to define the geology and to monitor the

movement of the injected steam as part of the HASDrive

evaluation. The first survey was conducted 25 September-6

October 1991, just prior to steam injection. The second was

acquired 7-14 January 1992, after 72 days of continuous

steam injection.

1994.The Steepbank project.Permanent Sensors.Paulsson et al_Cover Page_Screen Shot.png

Cross-well seismic tomography is developing into an important tool for reservoir management, and within the last few years there have been some notable advances in our understanding its imaging capability.

1992.Characterization of a steam oil reservoir.Paulsson_Coverpage.png

A cross-well seismic tomography survey was conducted jointly between Chevron and Texaco in the Texaco portion of the McKittrick oilfield. The McKittrick oil field is shallow, less than 1300 feet, and contains low gravity oil which is perched above the water table.  

1990.SEG.Paulsson et al. McKittrick cross well seismic project_Cover Page.png

Today it is common that 60 to 70 percent of the mobile oil is left in the ground when an oil reservoir is consid­ered economically depleted (DOE, 1986). The large percen­tage of mobile oil left in the ground is due, in part, to macroscopic inhomogeneities in the oil reservoirs.

1989.06.25.Kern River Cross-well Seismology.Paulsson_Cover Page_Screenshot.png

The behavior of a quartz monzonite rock mass subjected

to a thermal load from emplaced canisters with

electric heaters simulating high-level nuclear waste was

monitored by a cross-hole seismic technique in a drift

340 m below the surface in the Stripa mine facility in


1985.04.Paulsson.Cook.McEvilly.Cross Well Seismic.Geophysics_Coverpage_Screenshot.png

Tomographic imaging techniques were applied to two

crosshole data sets to determine the velocity structures

and the reliability and resolution of the algorithms on

real data. The experiments were carried out at the Retsoff

salt mine in New York and at the underground

radioactive waste study site at the Stripa mine facility in






Borehole Seismology is now 3D!

Paulsson Geophysical Services, Inc. (P/GSI)

2001.10.12.Downhole vibrator presentation.small_Coverpage Screenshot.png

What we did: Acquired a 3 million trace 3D VSP with  4 wells, each instrumented with 80  3-component receivers recording simultaneously.

Why we did it: High resolution data set for field development. Determine variation in permafrost velocities.

2002.10.09.Paulsson.Milne Point.SEG2002_BP_VSP_paper_Cover Page_Screenashot.png

Objective: Imaging Methane Hydrates below Permafrost. 

Return: Massive 3D VSP Survey 1,185 Surface VP's recorded by an 80-level 3C array

2004.09.22.HotIce.SEG04_Cover PAge Screeshot.png


From a Paulsson, Inc. Powerpoint Presentation given on August 07, 2022

Screen Shot of Optical Sensor Technologies Presentation Cover Page_08.07.2022.png


Björn Paulsson*, Mike Wylie & Ruiqing He, Paulsson, Inc.

Allan Lee*, Chris Barclay & David Xu 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

2023.08.06.23CM_PrintAgenda_Screenshot_Highlighted 2023-09-09 at 9.48.29 PM.png

Björn Paulsson*, Mike Wylie & Ruiqing He, Paulsson, Inc.

Allan Lee*, Chris Barclay & David Xu 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

2023.08.28.DOE.Paulsson.Opt.3CSensors.UGS.Final.2.RD_Cover Screenshot.png

Björn Paulsson*, Mike Wylie & Ruiqing He, Paulsson, Inc.

Allan Lee*, Chris Barclay & David Xu 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

Screen Shot of 2022.09.29.Paulsson.PG&E.Optical.UGS.Monitoring.Final.REV.RD.png

Björn Paulsson*, Mike Wylie & Ruiqing He, Paulsson, Inc.

Allan Lee*, Chris Barclay & David Xu 

Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E)

2022.06.28.V4.Paulsson.PG&E.Optical.UGS.Monitoring.Reduced_Cover Page_Screen Shot.png
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