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Optical Distributed Sensors

With a versatile, state of the art, in-house machine shop, Paulsson manufactures both Paulsson's proprietary products and custom solutions to fit your applications - all at any required precisions.

Paulsson's real-time monitoring and imaging solutions bridge the technological gap between high-resolution imaging & monitoring, and high-precision drilling. Paulsson's extremely accurate survey and monitoring systems use innovative proprietary fiber optic sensors, processing and analysis technologies.


Our fiber optic sensors are world class in both bandwidth and data fidelity. For example, Paulsson invented the world's first high pressure and temperature non-electronic all-optical 3C sensor arrays capable of operating at 25,000psi and 600°F (~300°C). 


EDAS are acoustic sensors in a single fiber. They are created by enhancing the coherent Raleigh backscattering in the fiber and can be manufactured in long arrays of many thousands of sensors. It allows for fiber optic sensing of acoustic waves at a broad range of frequencies that travel through the surrounding environments.


With DSS, Paulsson's clients get the right data to determine the best insights. This innovation addresses extreme sensitivity and capability. It measures 10,000s changes in both temperature and strain along the length of an optical fiber.


Clear insights are derived from the enhanced visualization of temperature data using DTS, which monitors temperature over long distances or across large surfaces. This technology is used for underground and ocean floor power cables.

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