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Paulsson, Inc. Massive 3D VSP Services

Borehole Seismic Technology Acquisition Technology Borehole Receiver Array Technology Advanced Borehole Seismology

Borehole Seismic Technology provided by Paulsson, Inc.

lWalkaway VSP

uPassive Seismic (Micro Seismic) Monitoring
lPrimary production
lSecondary recovery by water injection
lTertiary recovery by steam, CO2 or other techniques
lHydraulic fracturing of reservoirs

Acquisition Technology

Borehole Receiver Array Technology from Paulsson, Inc.

uWire line based arrays: up to 100 levels – available now

uNew Paulsson Design: 100 – 1000 levels – available 2010
lAnalog - 2010
lDigital - 2011
lOptical – 2012
uDesign and Installation of Permanent Seismic Arrays
lAnalog – 2009
lDigital – 2011
lOptical - 2012

Advanced Borehole Seismology


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